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Adaptation pathways to Climate Change in the Spanish Mediterranean coastal zone. Beyond adaptability limits

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Mar Mediterráneo, Mediterranean Sea, aceptabilidad social, adaptation pathways, cambio climático, climate change, erosion, erosión, flash floods, flooding, inundación, natural hazards, puntos de inflexión, riadas, riesgos naturales, rutas de adaptación, sea level rise, social acceptability, subida nivel del mar, tipping points
Most of adaptation measures to climate change implemented in the Spanish Mediterranean coast consist of a set of actions or specific
measures that, although framed in initiatives such as the Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change in the Spanish Coast, have been
designed individually. Moreover, in many cases, its long-term effectiveness has not been tested. Within this context, there is a need to
develop adaptation strategies for the coastal zone based on the concept of adaptive planning in which different adaptation measures are
combined to achieve a set objectives under a given climatic scenario. Such strategies are very dependent on the physical, socio-economic
and dynamic characteristics of the coastal zone of interest. Consequently, it is important to progress in their development for different
types of coast. In this context, the general objective of this subproject is to (i) analyse the adaptability to the Climate Change of the
Spanish Mediterranean coast, (ii) propose a response strategy based on the design of specific adaptation pathways for management units
representative of the Mediterranean coast that can be adapted locally and, (iii) contribute to the evaluation of the adaptability integrating
coastal processes with the extreme hydrometeorological risks of terrestrial origin as flash floods.
To this end, the adaptation measures most appropriate to the characteristics of the Mediterranean coast will be identified and defined in
terms of technical, economic, financial, environmental and social limits that will be used to define the adaptation tipping points. Likewise,
adaptation measures implemented to date in the Spanish Mediterranean coast will be analysed and evaluated through a multidimensional
analysis that includes aspects related to its sustainability and effectiveness. Among the different aspects, the social acceptability of the key
stakeholders will be analysed to determine their role in the development and implementation of adaptation strategies. At the same time, a
methodology to classify the coastal zone into homogeneous management units to define and prioritize adaptation measures will be
developed and applied in the Spanish Mediterranean. From this analysis, specific adaptation pathways will be proposed for selected case
studies representing the Spanish Mediterranean coastal zone. For each one, their adaptation tipping points, the sequence of actions and
their temporal dependence will be identified to adapt to given climate change scenarios. Finally, obtained results will be generalised in the
form of generic adaptation pathways for the most representative areas of the Mediterranean coast. In addition to analysing the "maritime"
dimension in the different aspects mentioned, an overall objective of this subproject is to integrate obtained results in all the phases of the
study with the analysis of the "terrestrial" component (UB subproject) to contribute to perform an integrated adaptability analysis in the
coastal zone taking into account both risk factors.
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Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016
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