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Sustainable building envelope solutions

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aislamiento térmico natural, bio-based thermal insulation, comportamiento higrotérmico, envolventes verdes, fire risk assesment, green envelopes, hygrothermal behavior, seguridad en caso de incendio
The project Sustainable Building Envelope Solutions is a continuation of the Project MEDULA - Use of plant pith to improve building
hygrothermal behaviour (BIA2014-52688-R). One of the aims of the present project is to achieve an integration of the bio-based thermal
insulation panel developed in the MEDULA project into constructive systems that incorporate all the elements to guarantee a successful
behaviour under real conditions.
The final goal of the project is to minimize the environmental impact of the building sector. In order to achieve this objective, both, the
energetic demand of buildings and the consumption of resources should be reduced.
In this project we propose a strategy that attacks the problem to be solved from different perspectives. On the one hand, we maintain the
research line on insulation systems with low environmental impact, low cost and totally biodegradable formulated from crop by-products.
On the other hand, we have added a line to deepen the knowledge about green envelopes. Preliminary studies of the group in this area
have shown some of the benefits of green envelopes in relation to the reduction of the energy demand of buildings, but they have also
highlighted the need for applied research in each climate zone since the species and substrates employed have a great influence on the
performance of the system. Throughout the project we will also investigate green envelopes that provide other benefits such as water
treatment or food production.
A global aspect in the project is to guarantee that the proposed systems, not only contribute to a more sustainable architecture, but also
maintain fire safety performance. For this reason one of the topics of the project is the experimental characterization of fire behaviour of
lignocellulosic materials and the computational simulation of fire propagation trough the façades.
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Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016
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