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Sistemes dinàmics

Total activity: 9
Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
AGAUR. Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca
Funding entity code
2017 SGR 1049
44.480,00 €
Start date
End date
The UPC dynamical systems group is composed by 20 full time doctors and 3 predocs.

Its research activity is addressed to the development of analytical and numerical methods
for dynamical systems, holding a scientific leading position in several subjects, namely integrability,
invariant objects, KAM theory, planar vector fields and applications to neuroscience, Poincaré-Melnikov
method, exponentially small splitting of separatrices, non-smooth systems, celestial mechanics and astrodynamics.

The quality of this activity is reflected in the quantity and quality of the publications, some of them in
collaboration with cutting edge international research groups as well as in scientific management, leading
to the organization of several events (conferences and meetings, research programs, themed networks, etc),
the participation in several editorial boards of highly regarded journals and a large number of doctoral students.
astrodynamics, celestial mechanics, connections, diffusion, dynamical systems, integrability, invariant objects, neuroscience, non-smooth systems, singular perturbation theory
Adm. Generalitat
Estratègia de recerca i innovació per a l'especialització intel·ligent de Catalunya (RIS3CAT)
Resoluton year
Funcding program
Funding call
Ajuts per donar suport a les activitats dels grups de recerca de Catalunya
Grant institution
Agència De Gestió D'ajuts Universitaris I De Recerca (agaur)


Scientific and technological production

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