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Outlook on ecologically improved composites for aviation interior and secondary structures

Bachmann, J.; Yi, X.; Gong, H.; Martinez, X.; Bugeda, G.; Oller, S.; Tserpes, K.; Ramon, E.; Paris, C.; Moreira, P.; Fang, Z.; Li, Y.; Liu, Y.; Liu, X.; Xian, G.; Tong, J.; Wei, J.; Zhang, X.; Zhu, J.; Ma, S.; Yu, T.
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Journal article
CEAS Aeronautical Journal
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https://doi.org/10.1007/s13272-018-0298-z Open in new window
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Ecological and multifunctional composites for application in aircraft interior and secondary structures (ECO-COMPASS)
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https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13272-018-0298-z Open in new window
Today, mainly man-made materials such as carbon and glass fibres are used to produce composite parts in aviation. Renewable materials such as natural fibres or bio-sourced resin systems have not found their way into aviation, yet. The project ECO-COMPASS aims to evaluate the potential applications of ecologically improved composite materials in the aviation sector in an international collaboration of Chinese and European partners. Natural fibres such as flax and ramie will be used for different ...
Bachmann, J., Yi, X., Gong, H., Martinez, X., Bugeda, G., Oller, S., Tserpes, K., Ramon, E., Paris, C., Moreira, P., Fang, Z., Li, Y., Liu, Y., Liu, X., Xian, G., Tong, J., Wei, J., Zhang, X., Zhu, J., Ma, S., Yu, T. Outlook on ecologically improved composites for aviation interior and secondary structures. "CEAS Aeronautical Journal", 24 Abril 2018, p. 1-11.
Aviation, Bio-fibre, Bio-resin, Eco-composite, Hybrid, Interior structure, Recycling, Sandwich, Secondary structure
Group of research
(MC)2 - UPC Computational continuum mechanics
RMEE - Strength of Materials and Structural Engineering Research Group


  • Bachmann, Jens  (author)
  • Yi, Xiaosu  (author)
  • Gong, Hugh  (author)
  • Martinez Garcia, Xavier  (author)
  • Bugeda Castelltort, Gabriel  (author)
  • Oller Martinez, Sergio Horacio  (author)
  • Tserpes, Konstantinos  (author)
  • Ramon Ubeda, Eric  (author)
  • Paris, Christophe  (author)
  • Moreira, Pedro  (author)
  • Fang, Zhengping  (author)
  • Li, Yan  (author)
  • Liu, Yanfeng  (author)
  • Liu, Xiaoqing  (author)
  • Xian, Guijun  (author)
  • Tong, Jianfeng  (author)
  • Wei, Jiahu  (author)
  • Zhang, Xufeng  (author)
  • Zhu, Jin  (author)
  • Ma, Songqi  (author)
  • Yu, Tao  (author)