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Recovery and re-use of resources from digested urban waste in the context of the circular economy

Type of activity
Competitive project
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56.741,40 €
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DigesTake is an industrial research project with the end goal of developing new processes
and technologies for treating, recovering and reusing resources from effluent liquids and
gases (waste gas from biogas) resulting from anaerobic digestion in wastewater treatment
plants, following the principles of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.
Enabling technologies common to other areas, such as biotechnology, advanced materials
and ICT, will be applied to meet technological challenges involving multiple disciplines and
areas of expertise (chemical engineering, electronics, materials science, automation,
electrochemistry, microbiology) through laboratory-scale and pilot experiments.
The research activity will be carried out within four large areas or activities: "carbon"
(Activity 1), "phosphorous" (Activity 2), "nitrogen" (Activity 3) and "water and nutrient
concentration" (Activity 4). The "carbon" activity will focus on converting carbon dioxide from
the biogas into added-value organic compounds using bioelectrochemical systems. Two
alternative processes are proposed to recover phosphorous (A2): recovery of struvite using
byproducts from the mining industry as reagents; and a new process of bio-induced
precipitation of phosphorous in a partial nitration-anammox (PNA) reactor. At the same
time, a system of environmentally sustainable biosensors will be developed to measure
phosphorous in situ in order to monitor the processes. The activity "nitrogen" includes
recovery of ammonium salts using adsorption-desorption systems with rechargeable
zeolites and a process for removing the excess nitrogen content in water with low energy
consumption in micro-aerophilic conditions. Finally, activity 4 ("water and nutrient
concentration") will involve research on membranes and extraction solutions in a directosmosis
process. The project is expected to have a major scientific, technological,
environmental and economic impact throughout the value chain of wastewater recovery
(operators and builders of wastewater treatment plants, service companies, public
authorities) but also for...
Adm. Generalitat
Estratègia de recerca i innovació per a l'especialització intel·ligent de Catalunya (RIS3CAT)
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Convocatòria per a l'acreditació de comunitats RIS3CAT i la selecció de projectes col·laboratius de recerca, desenvolupament i innovació, emmarcats en la RIS3CAT i en el Programa Operatiu FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020
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Agència De Suport A La Competitivitat De L'empresa Catalana, Acc1ó