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Operation and asset management

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Competitive project
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Agència per la Competitivitat de l'Empresa (ACCIÓ)
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102.800,69 €
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The main objective of the ACTIV4.0 project is the digital transformation of asset and process management in the services and networks that provide services to the customer / citizen.

The project will address the research and development of technologies that allow interoperability between machines, sensors and people through the Internet of Things (IoT) or people (IoP) and the ability to transform data into useful and reliable information; the aggregation and visualization of current or predictable information to make informed decisions and solve urgent problems at short notice or prevent their appearance and the application of BIM technology as an integrating tool of relevant information for the design, operation and maintenance of facilities from Advanced models of 3D representation.

ACTIV4.0 is a project by RIS3CAT’s Utilities 4.0 Community, coordinated by Eurecat with participation of big companies from the utilities sector technology centers and small/medium enterprises. The Community’s aim is to transform the utilities sector by identifying a set of tools and solutions that promote digitalisation towards the concept of Utilities 4.0 and to weave an industrial fabric through the development and application of these new solutions.

CS2AC participates in the development of algorithms for the validation and reconstruction of data, detection and diagnosis and prognosis of possible faults / deteriorations of the assets and processes of the installations and networks of service providers, in order to achieve the transformation of data into useful information in the digital management 4.0 of the assets.

Data validation and reconstruction techniques are based on the application of tests based on temporal and spatial models that invalidate the data and correct them. And the techniques of detection, diagnosis and prognosis of failures / deteriorations of the assets and processes of the facilities are based on the use of analytical redundancies using experimental data and knowledge based on artificial intelligence (numerical and qualitative models) of the assets and processes that allow obtaining very valuable information such as, detecting anomalies, isolating the causes and predicting the progressive degradation of assets and processes.

All these techniques are being tested in different cases of laboratory and real study proposed by the different companies that participate in the project.
Adm. Generalitat
Estratègia de recerca i innovació per a l'especialització intel·ligent de Catalunya (RIS3CAT)
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Convocatòria per a l'acreditació de comunitats RIS3CAT i la selecció de projectes col·laboratius de recerca, desenvolupament i innovació, emmarcats en la RIS3CAT i en el Programa Operatiu FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020
Grant institution
Agència De Suport A La Competitivitat De L'empresa Catalana, Acc1ó


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