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Design and optimization of a polar satellite mission to complement the Copernicus System

Alarcon, E.; Alvaro, A.; Araguz, C.; Barrot, G.; Bou, E.; Camps, A.; Cornara, S.; Gutiérrez, P.; Lancheros, E.; Lesne, O.; Llaveria, D.; Lluch, I.; Males, J.; Mangin, A.; Matevosyan, H.; Monge, A.; Narkiewicz, J.; Ourevitch, S.; Pierotti, S.; Pica, U.; Poghosyan, A.; Ruiz de Azúa, J.A.
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IEEE access
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The space industry is currently witnessing two concurrent trends: the increased modularity and miniaturization of technologies and the deployment of constellations of distributed satellite systems. As a consequence of the first trend, the relevance of small satellites in line with the “cheaper and faster” philosophy is increasing. The second one opens up completely new horizons by enabling the design of architectures aimed at improving the performance, reliability, and efficiency of current ...
Alarcon, E., Alvaro, A., Araguz, C., Barrot, G., Bou, E., Camps, A., Cornara, S., Gutiérrez, P., Lancheros, E., Lesne, O., Llaveria, D., Lluch, I., Males, J., Mangin, A., Matevosyan, H., Monge, A., Narkiewicz, J., Ourevitch, S., Pierotti, S., Pica, U., Poghosyan, A., Ruiz de Azúa, J.A. Design and optimization of a polar satellite mission to complement the Copernicus System. "IEEE access", 5 Juny 2018.
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Constellation, Currents, Federation, Fractionation, GNSS-R, Ice, Marine, Mission, Polar, SAR, Satellite, Sensors, VIS/NIR/SWIR/LWIR imagers, Weather
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EPIC - Energy Processing and Integrated Circuits
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