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End-to-End 5G Service Deployment and Orchestration in Optical Networks with QoE Guarantees

Montero, R.; Agraz, F.; Pages, A.; Spadaro, S.
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20th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks
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https://doi.org/10.1109/ICTON.2018.8473996 Open in new window
The upcoming 5G deployments will impose stringent requirements. Optical networks control and resource orchestration is set to potentially turn into software-defined approaches in order to address such requirements. As a result, there rises a need for an architectural scheme capable of supporting the different types of services defined for 5G verticals.We present in this paper an architecture enabling end-to-end (E2E) provisioning and monitoring of such 5G services over optical network segments. ...
5G service deployment, End to ends (E2E), Fiber optic networks, Network architecture, Network slicing, Proposed architectures, QoE monitoring. 5G mobile communication systems, Quality of experience (QoE), Quality of service, Service deployment, Service provisioning, Stringent requirement, Transparent optical networks, network slicing, optical networks, orchestration
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GCO - Optical Communications Group