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On (circuit-) destroyable graphs

Grau, J.; López, S.C.
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6th Gdansk Workshop on Graph Theory
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The 6th Gdanks workshop on graph theory
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A vertex cover of a simple graph G is a subset of vertices S ¿ V (G) which covers all edges, that is, for every pair of adjacent vertices u and v, either u or v belong to S. The minimum size of a vertex cover of G is denoted by ß(G). Let G be a connected simple graph. We say that G is destroyable or trail-coverable if there is a trail P that is vertex cover, if that is the case, we say that P is a covering trail. In particular, when the covering trail may be a path, we say path-destroyable. We...
Group of research
COMBGRAPH - Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Applications


  • Grau, José María  (author and speaker )
  • López Masip, Susana Clara  (author and speaker )