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Wake vortex hazards in en-route airspace and suspected hazard area identification using high fidelity simulation models

Melgosa, M.; Ruiz, S.; Busto, J.; Steen, M.; Rojas, J.I.; Prats, X.
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37th Digital Avionics Systems Conference
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37th DASC Digital Avionics Systems Conference: London, England, UK, September 23-27, 2018: 2018 conference proceedings
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Wake vortex simulation and analysis to enhance en-route separation management in Europe
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This paper presents a discussion about risks and hazards of potential wake vortex encounters in the en-route airspace. High-fidelity simulations under realistic conditions have been analysed showing that the current en-route separation standards may be overconservative in some cases –thus enabling a potential reduction that may lead to additional airspace capacity–, whereas may not protect enough in some specific situations, thus requiring additional protection for flights. The simulation fr...
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SESAR 2020, Wake vortex encounter, en-route operations, hazard, safety, separation standards, severity
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GCM - Grup de Caracterització de Materials
ICARUS - Intelligent Communications and Avionics for Robust Unmanned Aerial Systems