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Synchronization of traffic flow and sector opening for collaborative demand and capacity balancing

Xu, Y.; Prats, X.; Delahaye, D.
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37th Digital Avionics Systems Conference
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37th DASC Digital Avionics Systems Conference: London, England, UK, September 23-27, 2018: 2018 conference proceedings
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Assessment of Performance in current ATM operations and of new Concepts of operations for its Holistic Enhancement
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—This paper proposes a method to synchronize traffic flow optimization and sector opening scheduling, with the aim of achieving flexible demand and capacity balancing (DCB). Delay assignment, trajectory options and sector collapsing are used to manage the traffic demand, while sector opening schemes are to affect the airspace capacity. Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) model is built to incorporate these initiatives. Three model variants are presented to illustrate the synchronization process, a...
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ICARUS - Intelligent Communications and Avionics for Robust Unmanned Aerial Systems