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On the randic index of graphs

Dalfo, C.
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Discrete mathematics
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Combinatorics of networks and computation
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For a given graph G = (V, E), the degree mean rate of an edge uv ¿ E is a half of the quotient between the geometric and arithmetic means of its end-vertex degrees d(u) and d(v). In this note, we derive tight bounds for the Randic index of G in terms of its maximum and minimum degree mean rates over its edges. As a consequence, we prove the known conjecture that the average distance is bounded above by the Randic index for graphs with order n large enough, when the minimum degree d is greater t...
Dalfo, C. On the randic index of graphs. "Discrete mathematics", 11 Setembre 2018.
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Connectivity index, Edge degree rate, Mean distance, Randic index
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COMBGRAPH - Combinatòria, Teoria de Grafs i Aplicacions