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Reduction numerical techniques for minimisation of geometrical errors in car body tooling industry.

Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
AGAUR. Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca
Funding entity code
2018 DI 023
6.643,02 €
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The car tooling industry is nowadays subjected to very stringent geometrical tolerances. The manufacturing and assembling process of car chassis must comply with increasingly restrictive error tolerances in order to accomplish functional and aesthetic demands. The process is though subjected to numerous steps (deep drawing of chassi components, welding, forming/hemming, assembling, painting) which are all prone to final residual deformations, which are nowadays minimised through an iterative and costly methodology.

This project aims to systematise this try and error process with reduction and simulation techniques. It is proposed to first characterise the geometrical sensitivity to the manufacturing parameters individually in order to build a reduced model for each assembled element. In a second stage, the assembling techniques is also modelled (clamping, ajusting, welding, hemming) and, together with the elemental models, is embedded in a macro model that accounts for their interaction and combined sensitivities.

The research methodology strongly relies in available experimental data accumulated in the past. The correction techniques which have been so far decided through human experience and implemented manually will be included in the macromodel in order to automatise and reduce the final geometrical errors. It is intended that the model may be employed in order to reduce iterative ad hoc decisions, and implement these decisions in an optimal manner, with the consequent cost reduction in the tooling industry.
Adm. Generalitat
V Pla de Recerca i Innovació de Catalunya (PRI). 2010-2013
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Doctorats Industrials
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Agència De Gestió D'ajuts Universitaris I De Recerca (agaur)