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Improving the Routing Layer of Ad Hoc Networks Through Prediction Techniques

Millán, P.
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Everyday becomes more evident the key role that mobile computing and wireless technologies play in our daily activities. Being always connected, anytime, and anywhere is today more a necessity than a luxury. The ubiquitous computing scenarios created based on these technology advances allow people to provide and consume shared information. In these scenarios, the supporting communication networks are typically wireless and ad hoc. The dynamic and changing characteristics of the ad hoc networks, ...
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Ad hoc networks, Capa d'enrutament, Capa de enrutamiento, Prediction techniques, Redes ad hoc, Routing layer, Tècniques de predicció, Técnicas de predicción, Xarxes ad hoc
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CNDS - Xarxes de Computadors i Sistemes Distribuïts