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Building a Spanish/Catalan health records corpus with very sparse protected information labelled

Medina, S.; Turmo, J.
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International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation 2018
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LREC 2018: Workshop MultilingualBIO: Multilingual Biomedical Text Processing: proceedings
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Extracción de grafos semánticos a partir de historiales clínicos textuales
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Electronic Health Records (EHR) are an important resource for the research and study of diseases, treatments and symptoms. However, due to data protection laws, information that could potentially compromise privacy must be anonymized before making use of them. Thus, the identification of these pieces of information is mandatory. This identification is usually performed by linguistic models built from EHRs corpora in which Protected Health Information (PHI) has been previously annotated. Neverthe...
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Anonymization, Health Records, Sparse
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GPLN - Grup de Processament del Llenguatge Natural
IDEAI-UPC Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
TALP - Centre de Tecnologies i Aplicacions del Llenguatge i la Parla