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Production of TWIP steel by metal injection molding using bimodal powder mixtures

Garcia, K.; Felguera, J.; Herranz, G.; Calvo, J.; Benito, J.; Cabrera, J.
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Presentation of work at congresses
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European Congress and Exhibition on Powder Metallurgy 2017
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EURO PM 2017: European Congress and Exhibition on Powder Metallurgy: Milan, Italy: October 1-5, 2017: proceedings book
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TWIP steels (TWinning Induced Plasticity) are a high manganese austenitic steels that possess both, very high tensile strength and large elongation together with an outstanding high work hardening rate. This makes possible to reduce cross section of components providing as well enhanced impact energy absorption ability, which in turns make them attractive, but not limited, to automotive applications. Nevertheless, their processing by continuous casting is relatively complicated due to the strong...
Automotive applications, Continuous casting, Conventional casting, High manganese austenitic steel, High-tensile strength, Impact energy absorption, Injection molding, Manganese, Manganese segregation, Mechanical properties, Metal injection molding, Metal molding, Mixtures, Plasticity, Powder metallurgy, Powder metals, Segregation (metallography), Steel, Strain hardening, Tensile strength, Twinning-induced plasticities
Group of research
PROCOMAME - Conformation Processes of Metallic Materials