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The separation of variables for product networks

Arauz, C.; Carmona, A.; Encinas, A.; Mitjana, M.
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Presentation of work at congresses
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Workshop on Graph Spectra, Combinatorics and Optimization
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Book of congress proceedings
Book of abstracts: 2018 WGSCO: Workshop on Graph Spectra, Combinatorics and Optimization
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La resistencia efectiva como herramienta para el estudio del problema inverso de las conductancias y el análisis de las perturbaciones de redes
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Boundary value problems have been treated both in the discrete and the continuous case. In both settings, the consideration of eigenvalues and eigenfunction as well as the Green function are common tools. However, the separation of variables technique, that is very popular in the continuous case, has not been developed for networks. In this work, we deal with the discrete version of separation of variables in order to obtain the Green function for product networks. We will show how the Green f...
Eigenvalues, Green funcion, Product networks, Schrödinger operators
Group of research
MAPTHE - Matrix Analysis and Discrete Potential Theory