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Implementation of a multi-scale predictive system of the degradation of the urban front in Brno, Czech Republic

Torres, A.; Acosta, L.M.; Gibert, V.; Serrat, C.
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13th International Scientific Conference People, Buildings and Environment 2018
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International Scientific Conference People, Buildings and Environment 2018 (PBE2018) 17th October – 19th October, 2018, Brno, Czech Republic
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Grup de recerca en bioestadística i bioinformàtica
Statistical methods for clinical trials, complex censoring schemes and integrative omics data analysis
The unavoidable deterioration of the built urban front in the cities has been increasingly generating a huge environmental impact. From this perspective, it is necessary to develop systematized methods that facilitate strategic maintenance of the facades and which study the variables that can potentially play a significant role in the damage occurrence. Therefore it is convenient to implement analytical methodologies to the decision making process on conservation and sustainability of the built ...
Group of research
GRBIO - Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Research Group
GREIP - Building Construction and Heritage Research Group