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Use of UAVs for technical inspection of buildings within the BRAIN massive inspection platform

Serrat, C.; Banaszek, A.; Cellmer, A.; Gibert, V.
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3rd World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering - Architecture - Urban Planning Symposium
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3rd World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning Symposium (WMCAUS 2018) 18–22 June 2018, Prague, Czech Republic : IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering Issues Volume 471, 2019
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are becoming more and more popular for use in a various sectors of the economy. The paper presents the results of experiments using a UAV, equipped with a high resolution digital camera, for a visual assessment of technical condition of a building with connection to a big project implemented in Barcelona that required visual data about buildings and their changes with time. Authors try to find out possibilities for the usefulness of digital images obtained from th...
Group of research
GRBIO - Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Research Group
GREIP - Building Construction and Heritage Research Group