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High temperature underground thermal energy storage

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Thermal energy storage technologies need to be further developed and need to become an integral component in the future energy system infrastructure
to meet variations in both the availability and demand of energy. The main objectives of the HEATSTORE project are to lower the cost, reduce risks,
improve the performance of high temperature (~25°C to ~90°C) underground thermal energy storage (HT-UTES) technologies and to optimize heat
network demand side management (DSM). This is primarily achieved by 6 new demonstration pilots and 8 case studies of existing systems with distinct
configurations of heat sources, heat storage and heat utilization.
The main role of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in HEATSTORE involves the numerical modelling of HT-UTES systems, in particular,
that of the demonstration pilot in Bern (Switzerland). Modelling of such systems requires modelling codes capable of handling the coupled phenomena of
Hydraulic Thermal, Mechanical and Chemical (HTMC) processes, such as heat dissipation, dissolution-precipitation of minerals, themal expansion of
rock, and groundwater flow induced by buoyancy.
The UPC has obtained a significant experience on HTMC modelling of the effects of human activities on geological systems, such as nuclear waste
disposal, tunnel excavation, and carbon sequestration. It has developed a finite element code for simulating coupled HTM process, CODE_BRIGHT.
Moreover, this code has been coupled to a reactive transport code leading to RETRASO_CODE_BRIGHT. These codes will be used to simulate the
effect of heat injection at the Bern demonstration pilot, which will include various tests and acquisition of data and geological information.
It is expected that through this project the UPC will gain insight in the processes involving in the field of geothermal energy and it will improve and adapt
its software to this type of technology. This will be available to other researchers and engineers in Spain through public software, courses and
code_bright, deformaciones, deformations, energy, energía, fluid, fluido, geotermia, geothermal, injection, inyección, model, modelo, presión, pressure, roca, rock, temperatura, temperature
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