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Comparing UAV inspections and visual inspections in the assessment of the thecnical condition of facades: a quantitative analysis

Serrat, C.; Gibert, V.; Cellmer, A.; Banaszek, A.
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3rd Central European Civil Engineering Meeting 2018
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Research and Modelling in Civil Engineering 2018
Recently, BRAIN (Building Research Analysis and Information Network) has been introduced by Serrat et al. (2017a) as a platform for the predictive analysis of the technical condition of the urban canyon. The methodology was initially introduced by Serrat and Gibert (2011) and lately developed in Gibert (2016). BRAIN proposes, in a collaborative network of urban laboratories, a follow-up across time of the technical condition of the facades in a building stock. Supported by a GIS platform and a s...
Group of research
GRBIO - Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Research Group
GREIP - Building Construction and Heritage Research Group