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3Cat-4: a novel, single-unit CubeSat for GNSS-R

Camps, A.; Ruiz-de-Azua, J.A.; Via, P.; Muñoz, J.; Solanellas, A.; Miguélez, N.; Fernandez, L.; Enrich, A.; Castellvi, J.; Lancheros, E.; Park, H.; Ramos, J.; Alarcon, E.
Type of activity
Presentation of work at congresses
Name of edition
6th International Colloquium on Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of GNSS / Galileo
Date of publication
Presentation's date
Book of congress proceedings
International Colloquium Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Programme: Valencia, Spain: 25-27, October 2017: proceedings book
https://www.dropbox.com/s/00u54hm2hce64bm/GNSSGalSci2017_Proceedings.zip?dl=1 Open in new window
Group of research
CREB - Biomedical Engineering Research Centre
CTE-CRAE - Space Science and Technology Research Group
CommSensLab-UPC - Centre Específic de Recerca en Comunicació i Detecció UPC
EPIC - Energy Processing and Integrated Circuits
GCEM - Electromagnetic Compatibility Group
PERC-UPC - Power Electronics Research Centre
RSLAB - Remote Sensing Lab
WNG - Wireless Networks Group