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Distinct antioxidant activity of xylooligosaccharides obtained by several xylanases

Valls, C.; Pastor Blasco, Francisco Ignacio Javier; Vidal, T.; Roncero, M.B.; Diaz Lucea, M. Pilar; Martinez, J.; Valenzuela, S.V.
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257th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition
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Chemistry for new frontiers: American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition: March 31-April 4 2019
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Development of ecofriendly cellulosic microdevices for immediate biodiagnosis
SGR - Suport a Grups de Recerca
Use of renewable resources to achieve biofilms with barrier properties
Plant biomass, which is the main source of renewable materials on earth, consists largely of two polysaccharides (cellulose and hemicelluloses) and an aromatic polymer (lignin). In hardwood species, grasses and agro-industrial by-products xylans are the most abundant hemicelluloses. Xylan is built from a backbone of ß-1,4-linked xylose units with diverse substituent decorations depending on the raw material. The substituents include different side chain carbohydrates and acids, including uronic...
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CELBIOTECH - Research Group: Paper Engineering