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ECO-DWOR: ECOlogical finishing agent for Durable Water&Oll-Repellent textlles with advanced functionalities

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Competitive project
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AGAUR. Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca
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2018 DI 093
33.960,00 €
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Fluorinated durable water and oil repellent (DWOR) agents are used to obtain water, oil and stain repellent textiles. Due to the on-going phase-out of DWRs based on side-chain fluorinated polymers (commonly known as "fluorocarbons") with “long” perfluoroalkyl chains, the textile industry lacks suitable alternatives with comparable material characteristics. The constant development and optimization of fluorocarbons for textile applications initiated more than half a century ago has resulted in a robust and very efficient DWOR-technology and textiles with exceptional hydro- and oleo-phobic properties.

The motivations of this project are summarized below:
- The regulation and growing consumer & authorities awareness of harmful chemicals in textiles has led to a trend towards the use of more sustainable materials in textile production
-Textile brands have the responsibility to fulfill increasing interest on buying green providing the consumers with new ECO-designed products
- Water and oil repellents for textile based on fluorocarbons have adverse effects on human health and environment
- Steadily more stringent eco-toxicological regulations of chemical and textile markets
- Fluorine-free solutions currently in the Market provide lower technical performance and durability than fluorocarbons

The ECO-DWOR project aims at:
• Manufacturing a novel Fluorine-free Ecological Textile Finishing Agent (based on inorganic nanomaterials and bio-based organic polymers with controlled micro-structure)
• Optimizing the associated application method (coating) to produce textiles with durable water and oil repellency
• Combination of different finishing systems for the production of Durable Water & Oil Repellent (DWOR) textiles with advanced functionalities for technical textiles

More specifically, the project main goal is to manufacture cost-effective, durable and high-performance Fluorine-free Ecological Finishing Agent (based on the combination of Inorganic (nano)particles functionalized with surface fluorine-free groups and bio-based organic polymers from renewable sources with controlled micro-structure) to be applied in textile s in order to impart water, oil and dirt repellence to the finished goods (also known in the market as a Self-Cleaning and DWOR finishing –DWOR acronym stands for Durable Water and Oil Repellent). To achieve this
goal, inorganic nanomaterials and organic polymers with controlled micro-structure will be combined (by intimate mixing, covalent bonding/grafting, ionic or weak intermolecular forces). Therefore, advantage of the synergies of nanotechnology and macromolecular chemistry will be taken to develop cutting-edge finishing agents able to provide outstanding water and oil repellence without using fluorine-containing chemicals.
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Estratègia de recerca i innovació per a l'especialització intel·ligent de Catalunya (RIS3CAT)
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Doctorats Industrials
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Agència De Gestió D'ajuts Universitaris I De Recerca (agaur)


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