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New operations on graphs and digraphs. Algebraic properties

Barriere, E.; Dalfo, C.; Fiol, M.; Mitjana, M.
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(SGT in Rio 08) Workshop on spectral graph theory with appl. on computer science, combinatorial optimization and chemistry
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Abstracts of the Workshop on SGT in Rio 08
Recent work has been developed around some new definitions on operations involving graphs and digraphs. We will review the hierarchical product of graphs, the generalized hiersrchical product of graphs and the multidimensional Manhattan Street Network. The hierarchical prdoduct of graphs shows a stron hierarchy of the vertices and it is a subgroup of the cartesian product of the corresponding factors. Some well-known properties of the cartesian product are inherited by the hierarchical product. ...
Group of research
COMBGRAPH - Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Applications
MAPTHE - Matrix Analysis and Discrete Potential Theory