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Design of new biodegradable polymeric matrices: bactericide, antioxidant and anticancer properties

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The present project (synbiopro) is centered in the synthesis/design of new biodegradable systems, the study of specialized biomedical applications and finally the development/use of innovative processing methodologies. New polymeric materials will be prepared: (a) by click chemistry, b) from natural amino acids and c) by green chemistry. Specifically, new heterochain polymers containing 1,2,3-triazol cycles will be synthesized via click step-growth polymerization. The obtention of both AA-BB and A-B type polymers will be evaluated as well as hydroxyl functionalized and cationic poly(ester amide)s and poly(ester urea)s. Polymers containing natural amino acids will be prepared using diester-diamines as key components. These pseudoproteins should exhibit biodegradable characteristics and be hardly recognizable by the immune system. Synthesis of polylimonene carbonate and cross-linked copolymers prepared through thiol-ene click reactions will also be considered due to the expected specialty applications as materials with unusual high glass transition temperature,
enhanced oxygen barrier and biodegradable properties. Finally, the development of polygallic derivatives as new biocompatible and antioxidant materials with potential use in tissue engineering is also considered.
Concerning applications, a great effort is focused on encapsulation strategies that allow keeping pharmacological agents in the amorphous state, prevent their crystallization during storage and avoid the associated loss of activity. Specific applied systems are: a) Materials with
antibacterial properties. Encapsulation and administration of bacterial viruses will be studied to get as an alternative therapeutic route to the widespread use of antibiotics. The therapy can also be very interesting in the treatment of tissue infections where the release of conventional antibiotics can be difficult. Bacteriophages will be incorporated to both electrospun scaffolds and cationic polymeric matrices,
being considered the addition of quorum-sensing extinction enzymes to increase the bactericide activity; b) Nanoparticles with anticancer
properties: Specifically, hydroxyapatite (HAp) loaded with chloramphenicol and related agents; c) Recombinant collagens rich on methionine sequences. The possibility to prepare oxidative responsive systems based on the easy denaturalization of thiol groups after their oxidation will be evaluated; d) Design of new suitable polymer matrices for chaperones and the study of encapsulation processes to
achieve thier localized release.
Surface nanotexturation, 3D-printing and ultrasound microinjection are the three processing technologies that will be considered in the third block. In the first case, surfaces with special functionalities due to their nano- and microtopographies, and similar to those identified in
nature, will be prepared in order to achieve properties such as superhydrophobicity or resistance to bacterial adhesion and cellular differentiation. The project will also deal with the improvement of experimental formulations of polymers used in 3D printing and advance in the knowledge of the relationships between processing, microstructure and mechanical properties. Ultrasound microinjection will be
explored for the incorporation of bactericide agents in micropieces, preparation of hybrid materials from biodegradable polymers and hydroxyapatite and direct preparation of scaffolds with the final shape of the implant and controlled porosity.
andamios temporales, anticancer, anticancerigeno, antioxidant, antioxidante, bactericide, biocompatibilidad, biocompatibility, biodegradable polymers, encapsulación, encapsulation, micro-processing, microprocesado, nanotexturación, nanotexturation, poliesteramidas, poly(ester amide)s, scaffolds
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Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2017-2020
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Programa Estatal de I+D+i Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad
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Retos de Investigación: Proyectos de I+D+i
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Agencia Estatal De Investigacion