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FI-2019-1-0023 Square cylinder with a detached splitter plate in front of it and with several velocity ratios

Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
RES - Red Española de Supercomputacion
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Aerodynamics, Passive Flow Control
The fluid flow over bluff bodies results in large unsteady wakes which are source of vibrations, noise and high aerodynamic drags. Incorporation of splitter plate downstream of the square cylinder has proven to be successful in taming wake unsteadiness and reduction of drag force over a wide range of Reynolds number. However, use of splitter plate upstream of square cylinder remains unexplored. This configuration could potentially form the mixing device in several applications.

A 3D comprehensive parametric analysis of the effect of splitter plate length (L), gap between splitter plate and the square cylinder (G), and velocity ratio between the flow above and below the splitter plate provides deep insight of the dynamics of flow and unravels optimal settings for the ideal performance of mixing device.