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Network on nonlocal partial differential equations and applications

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Competitive project
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12.000,00 €
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difusión fraccionaria, ecuaciones en derivadas parciales, ecuaciones no locales, fractional diffusion, nonlocal equations, partial differential equations
This network gathers researchers from 17 national projects with a wide experience in the analysis of nonlocal partial differential equations. It is
structured in eight nodes, based in Barcelona (two nodes), Bilbao, Granada, Madrid (two nodes), Valencia and Valladolid. Its main aim is to
foster collaboration among these groups, encouraging their enrichment, and national and international visibility. To this end, joint activities are
proposed including conferences, workshops of advanced courses for doctoral students, and a program of research visits.
Nonlocal equations, in which the involved operators contain terms whose value at a point does not depend only on the value of the solution at
nearby points, have been for the past ten years one of the most active topics within PDE research. Our groups have been pioneers in this field,
with highly significant contributions to the basic theory as well as to the applications, which have had an extraordinary impact. The problems
considered by the groups in the network include nonlocal diffusion operators and other types of operators with nonlocal terms, of great interest in
Finance, Biology and Physics.
Nonlocal PDE also arise frequently through the description of a physical process by means of particle systems. These ideas have been applied
to a large number of problems in population dynamics, epidemiology, neuroscience, and collective behaviour, where the concept of particle is no
longer strictly linked to an atom or particle in its physical sense, and is understood in a much more general sense.
Each one of the involved groups has different strengths, both in relation to the type of operators that they study and in their applications to
different models. This proposal intends to serve as a link between these groups, fostering the transfer of knowledge and techniques between
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Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2017-2020
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Programa Estatal de Generación de Conocimiento y Fortalecimiento Científico y Tecnológico del Sistema de I+D+i
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Subprograma Estatal de Generación de Conocimiento
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Acciones de dinamización/'Redes de Investigación/'
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Agencia Estatal De Investigación


  • Cabre Vilagut, Xavier  (scientific coordinator)
  • Cuadrado Gavilán, Sílvia  (researcher)
  • Mazón Ruiz, José M.  (researcher)
  • Angulo Torga, Óscar  (researcher)
  • Castro Martínez, Ángel  (researcher)
  • Quirós Gracián, Fernando  (researcher)
  • Escobedo Martínez, Miguel  (researcher)
  • Cañizo Rincón, José Alfredo  (researcher)