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CCD 2019-A008 Diseño de plan de mantenimiento del sistema de energización solar fotovoltaica para 2000 viviendas en Ghana y capacitación de los encargados de la difusión del mismo

Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
Centre de Cooperació per al Desenvolupament , UPC
Funding entity code
2.790,00 €
Start date
End date
Brong Ahafo, Light-Up Ghana, UPC Internacional Cooperation of Development, energy solutions, rural communities
Within the framework of the Light-Up Ghana authority and under the China-Ghana-South-South Cooperation project on Renewable Energy Technology Transfer, which aims to provide energy solutions for rural
communities in Ghana, the energy research group of the University of Energy and Natural Resources of Sunyani (Ghana) together with The Energy Commission in Ghana, The Ministry of Science and Technology
in China and the UNDP County Offices in Accra and Beijing, have designed a 100 watt DC photovoltaic systems independent to feed three bulbs, a radio and 2-3 mobile charging ports for each home. As it is being
installed in 2000 homes, the energy research group has identified the problem of the lack of a capacity to provide the required technical support due to the magnitude of the project. Our proposal consists of
designing a maintenance system adapted to the local community where these systems are installed, so that they are themselves, the beneficiaries, who can solve basic problems that may be found in their day to day. Once the maintenance system has been designed, training will be carried out to those responsible for the dissemination of the designed maintenance system, who are members of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, in the local communities where the systems are located, as well as to pilot training a sample of the beneficiaries in the Brong Ahafo region, specifically the area called Techiman North.