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Bifurcation diagram of planar bimodal linear dynamical systems

Ferrer, J.; Peña, M.; Susin, A.
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Encuentro de Álgebra Lineal, Análisis Matricial y Aplicaciones 2016
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Book of abstracts ALAMA 2016, 20-22 de junio de 2016, Red Temática de Álgebra Lineal Análisis Matricial y Aplicaciones, Universidad de León
In this work we consider planar bimodal linear dynamical systems, that is, two planar linear subsystems acting in complementary halfplanes, assuming continuity in the separating straight line. We study the structural stability and the bifurcations of saddle/spiral bimodal linear systems, depending on the respective traces of the subsystems, T and t , and we find one 2-codimensional bifurcation and four kinds of 1-codimensional bifurcations. We stratify the bifurcation set in the (T, t )-plane an...
Group of research
SCL-EG - Linear Control Systems: a Geometric Approach
ViRVIG - Visualisation, Virtual Reality and Graphic Interaction Research Group