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Towards an optimal design for ecosystem-level ocean observatories

Rountree, R.; Aguzzi, J.; Marini, S.; Fanelli, E.; De Leo, F.; Del Rio, J.; Juanes, F.
Type of activity
Journal article
Oceanography and marine biology
Date of publication
Project funding
Autonomous and cabled underwater sensor networks applied to remole monitoring of biological indicators
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Four operational factors, together with high development cost, currently limit the use of ocean observatories in ecological and fisheries applications: 1) limited spatial coverage; 2) limited integration of multiple types of technologies; 3) limitations in the experimental design for in situ studies; and 4) potential unpredicted bias in monitoring outcomes due to the infrastructure’s presence and functioning footprint. To address these limitations, we propose a novel concept of a standardized ...
Rountree, R. [et al.]. Towards an optimal design for ecosystem-level ocean observatories. "Oceanography and marine biology", 4 Novembre 2019.
Behavior, Coenoclines, Cyber interfaces, Deep sea, Ecological monitoring, Fish sound, Networks, Ocean observatories, Ocean technology, Optoacoustic technologies, Passive acoustic
Group of research
SARTI - Technological Development Center for Remote Acquisition and Data Processing System
SARTI-MAR - Remote Acquisition and Data Processing Systems in Marine Environment


  • Rountree, Rodney A.  (author)
  • Aguzzi, Jacopo  (author)
  • Marini, Simone  (author)
  • Fanelli, Emanuela  (author)
  • De Leo, Fabio C.  (author)
  • Del Rio Fernandez, Joaquin  (author)
  • Juanes, Francis  (author)