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Monte Carlo methods for plasmonic scattering

Lopez, H.; Rius, J.; Ubeda, E.; Heldring, A.
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Presentation of work at congresses
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XIII Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics
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XIII Encuentro ibérico de electromagnetismo computacional 2019 [Recurs electrònic]: 2019 EIEC
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Project funding
Advanced Digital Signal Processing Solutions for New Radios Power and Computational Efficient Devices and Systems
Gas-detection gravimetric sensors based on piezoelectric AlN thin film electroacoustic resonators for harsh temperature applications (TEC2017-84817-C2-2-R)
Grup de teledetecció, antenes, microones i superconductivitat
Microwave, Millimeter and Terahertz Reconfigurable Integrated Wireless Antenna Systems for Communications and Sensing (TEC2016-78028-C3-1-P)
Unitat d'Excel·lència/'María de Maeztu/': Grup de recerca en Teledetecció, Antenes, Microones i Superconductivitat
During the last years, plasmonics has received an increasing attention due to its applications to imaging, microscopy, spectroscopy, optical interconnect and more. The interaction between nanometric metal structures and electromagnetic radiation at optical frequencies can be modeled by Maxwell’s equations without resort to quantum physics. However, the behavior of the permittivity function at these frequencies gives raise to a complex phenomenon: plasmonic resonances. Plasmonic oscillations a...
Group of research
ANTENNALAB - Antennas and Wireless Systems Laboratory
CommSensLab-UPC - Centre Específic de Recerca en Comunicació i Detecció UPC