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Mejora de la infraestructura científico-técnica del Departamento de Arquitectura de Computadores de la UPC

Total activity: 1
Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Funding entity code
55.832,00 €
Start date
End date
This proposal aims to significantly improve the computer infrastructure that support research and administration tasks at the Computer Architecture Department (DAC) at UPC. For this purpose, we here ask for funding to buy computer/server nodes to be used as disk servers, to run virtual machines, to process tasks from the UPC administration, and to perform load balancing. These new devices will increase the performance of computer servers dedicated to the administration of the DAC infrastructure, that support research of the whole department on several national and international projects. This proposal also considers the installation of a new Air Conditioning monitoring system for an automatic temperature control on DAC rooms, which place the departments computer infrastructure. Specifically, this monitoring system will allow a correct temperature control at the Data Processing Center (CPD), preserving the continuous A/C operability, and guarantee the infrastructure services to DAC users.


Scientific and technological production

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