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Epidemiology of the factors associated with healthy aging

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Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
Agencia Estatal de Investigación
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203.280,00 €
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calidad de vida, envejecimiento saludable, modelos estadísticos, multimorbilidad, prevención, salud pública
Ageing is a complex phenomenon. Depending on life course exposures to health risks, lifestyle, genetic makeup, social-economic background, and many other factors there are different ageing pathways. The general objective of the project will be to develop and apply a diverse range of multivariate statistical data analysis methods for better understanding ageing trajectories by identifying patterns and determinants of healthy ageing pathways. The new insights will provide a comprehensive understanding of the factors of ageing, detect individuals at risk, and propose scheduled interventions to promote healthy ageing. The outcome of the project will be to prepare a health policy and social response to the demographic shift, and specifically to help people age in good health and promote their well-being.


  • Fernández, Daniel  (scientific coordinator)
  • Lores Obradors, Luis  (researcher)
  • Callén Soto, Antonio  (researcher)
  • Oh, Hans  (researcher)

Scientific and technological production

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