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Representación, percepción y salvaguarda del patrimonio de un territorio turístico. Incidencias en la Zona Lacustre de Pátzcuaro.

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Representations of the territory and its cultural heritage are used by advertising to create a tourist image. Such image is not only a graphic construction but it is accompanied by other processes that indirectly impact the territory; so that the representations in the tourist dynamics come to influence the perception and values that guide communities and managers in safeguarding cultural heritage. This study proposes to study the relationships between the representation, perception and safeguar...
Group of research
GRU - Urbanism Research Group


  • García Quevedo, Katya Meredith  (author)
  • Sabate Bel, Joaquin  (director)
  • Mercado López, Eugenio  (director)
  • Hiriart Pardo, Carlos Alberto  (director)
  • Ettinger McEnulty, Catherine Rose  (member of the tribunal )
  • Alvarado Sizzo, Ilia  (member of the tribunal )