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With 5,400 students, three schools and numerous services, the Terrassa Campus has become one of the most dynamic urban university spaces. The history and tradition of the Terrassa School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering (ESEIAAT) New window is combined with the fresh, distinctive character of the Terrassa School of Optics and Optometry New window, and the Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Centre New window. The Campus is home to research centres and laboratories that are internationally recognised for excellence in the fields of industrial engineering, optics and optometry, and textile engineering.

Scientific and technological production

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  • Fourth Industrial Revolution Network (XaFIR)

     Romeral, L.; López, J.; Casas, J.; Casals, A.; Porta, J.; Puig, V.; Sanfeliu, A.; Torras, C.; Vilanova, R.; Hernando, J.; Angulo, C.; Ridao, P.; Catala, A.; Romeu, J.; Martinez, J.; Sallent, S.; Lusa, A.; Palà-Schönwälder, P.; Diez, P.; Royo, S.; Grasa, E.; Teniente, E.; Domingo, X.; Serrano, D.; Rovira, M.; Gil, D.; Josep Mangues-Bafalluy; Mestre, F.; Verikoukis, C.; Crosetto, M.; Fenollosa, F.; Martínez, S.; Cortés, F.; Caubet, J.; Adrianus Maria, J.
    Competitive project
  • Hydrogen lab for the modernisation and technological transformation of the city of Barcelona

     Serra, M.; Costa-Castelló, R.; Batlle, C.; Husar, A.
    Competitive project
  • Control avançat de sistemes d'energia

     Olm, Josep M.; Arias, A.; Batlle, C.; Biel, D.; Costa-Castelló, R.; Doria-Cerezo, A.; Fossas, E., E. Fossas, E. Fossas-Colet, Enric Fossas, Enric Fossas-Colet; Franch, J.; Griño, R.; Husar, A.; Serra, M.; Cardoner, R.; Luna, J.; Orellana, M.; Repecho, V.; Strahl, S.; Riera, J.; Allué, M.; Roda, V.; Arocas, J.; Creemers, T.
    Competitive project
  • Diagnóstico de fallos en sistemas de generación de energía basados en pilas de combustible  Open access

     Escobet, T.; Feroldi, D.; de Lira, S.; Puig, V.; Quevedo, J.; Riera, J.; Serra, M.
    Congreso Nacional de Pilas de Combustible
    p. 223-226
    Presentation's date: 2008
    Presentation of work at congresses
    Access to the full text
  • Integrated vehicle health management. Final report

     Ingimundarson, A.; Escobet, T.; Puig, V.; Quevedo, J.; Angulo, C.; Riera, J.; Serra, M.
    Date: 2005-02