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Ultrasound-assisted nanostructured coating of silicone with AgAu NPs and Gelatin-Dopamine for Prevention of Bacterial Infections

Asenova, A.; Ivanova, K.; Tzanov, T.
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Designer Biology 2021
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Designer Biology: from proteins and cells to scaffolds & materials in Europe: programme and abstract book
Contact lenses (CLs) are widely used medical devices for visual correction or therapeutic and cosmetic reasons. However, the CLs are a predisposing factor for difficult-to-treat ocular infections such as microbial keratitis and peripheral ulcer, which can cause visual impairment and blindness. The main significant impact on these infections is the bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on the CLs surfaces due to drug resistance of the sessile cells to the conventional antibiotics. In this line...
Group of research
GBMI - Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology Group