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Networking Innovations Over Virtualized Infrastructures

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Competitive project
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Commission of European Communities
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168.691,61 €
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NOVI (Networking innovations Over Virtualized Infrastructures) research concentrates on efficient approaches to compose virtualized e-Infrastructures towards a holistic Future Internet (FI) cloud service. Resources belonging to various levels, i.e. networking, storage and processing are in principle managed by separate yet interworking providers. NOVI will concentrate on methods, information systems and algorithms that will enable users with composite isolated slices, baskets of resources and services provided by federated infrastructures.\nNOVI will investigate federation at the data, control, monitoring and provisioning planes of constituent FI infrastructures. A user ideally expects seamless and secure access to virtual resources distributed across multiple domains. The complex nature of the federated infrastructure requires adoption of common definitions and abstractions of virtualized resources. Within this context, NOVI will propose and test resource description data models and abstraction algorithms, incorporating Semantic Web concepts. Predictable and accountable service delivery will be further addressed by investigating monitoring and resource brokerage methods in multi-domain virtualized infrastructures. Secure, authenticated access is a key requirement for a service cloud. NOVI will assess options of federated AAI schemas as they pertain to multi-domain FI environments.\nSome of the models and methods developed within NOVI are expected to enrich the FIRE facility, contributing to the creation of a blueprint of FI federated infrastructures. NOVI's research will be validated by deploying early prototypes on federating resources of virtualization platforms, initially PlanetLab Europe and FEDERICA. In fact the consortium includes key players of these two e-Infrastructures. NOVI participants (network research laboratories) will act as guinea pigs for experiments, promoting adoption by the wider FI community and substantiating input to standardization bodies.
VII Programa Marc de la Unió Europea 2007-2013
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Cooperation Specific Programme
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Information and Communication Technologies
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ICT Call
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European Commission


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