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CO removal at the nanoscale: A 1-cent gold prox reactor

Jiménez, N.; Lopez, E.; Trifonov, T.; Rodriguez, A.; González, G.; Rodríguez, L.; Rodríguez, M.; Seco, M.; Rosell, O.; Llorca, J.
Type of activity
Presentation of work at congresses
Name of edition
International Congerence on Chemical Reactors- CHEMREACTOR-19
Date of publication
Book of congress proceedings
Proceedings CHEMREACTOR-19
http://hdl.handle.net/2117/12178 Open in new window
Jiménez, N. [et al.]. CO removal at the nanoscale: A 1-cent gold prox reactor. A: International Conference on Chemical Reactors. "International Congerence on Chemical Reactors- CHEMREACTOR-19". Viena: 2010.
Group of research
CRnE - Barcelona Research Center in Multiscale Science and Engineering
MNT - Micro and Nanotechnologies Research Group
NEMEN - Nanoengineering of Materials Applied to Energy


  • Jiménez, NURIA  (author and speaker )
  • Lopez Null, Eduardo  (author and speaker )
  • Todorov Trifonov, Trifon  (author and speaker )
  • Rodriguez Martinez, Angel  (author and speaker )
  • González de Rivera Peces, Guillermo  (author and speaker )
  • Rodríguez, L.I.  (author and speaker )
  • Rodríguez, M  (author and speaker )
  • Seco García, Miquel Angel  (author and speaker )
  • Rosell, O  (author and speaker )
  • Llorca Pique, Jordi  (author and speaker )