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LAMB : a simulation tool for air-coupled lamb wave based ultrasonic NDE systems

Prego, J.
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Department of Electronic Engineering
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Air-coupled ultrasonic Lamb waves represent an important advance in Non- Destructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT & NDE) techniques of plate materials and structures. Examples of these advances are the characterization and quality assessment of laminate materials in manufacturing processes, the location of damaged parts in aircrafts and structure monitoring in the aerospace industry. However the rich and complex nature of mechanical vibrations encountered in acoustics make the subject of analysis...
Group of research
CREB - Biomedical Engineering Research Centre
GSS - Sensor Systems Group


  • Prego Borges, Jose Luis  (author)
  • Garcia Hernandez, Miguel Jesus  (director)
  • Ramos Fernández, Antonio  (member of the tribunal )
  • Perez Perez, Rafael  (member of the tribunal )
  • FRITSCH YUSTA, CARLOS  (member of the tribunal )
  • CALÁS DEL CASTILLO, HECTOR MARIANO  (member of the tribunal )
  • Salazar Soler, Jorge  (member of the tribunal )