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Location based services for the enhancement of working environment

Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
Comisión Europea
Funding entity code
212.440,00 €
Start date
End date
http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/78510_en.html Open in new window
IRISS-C/I is a laboratory for researchers in the social and economic sciences willing to undertake data-driven analyses on European societies and economies. Studies on income, employment, household formation, and working and living conditions issues are particularly strongly supported, yet the spectrum of potential for analysis spans a wider range of issues.

The outstanding resource offered to researchers is a series of comparative, longitudinal survey data on households and individuals in Europe and North America. Such datasets form an essential basis for conducting comparative, evidence-based socio-economic research. Access to several of these datasets is severely restricted by confidentiality regulations. It is therefore a unique opportunity to be able to access these datasets to carry out research in the securely controlled environment provided by IRISS-C/I.

The research facilities (office space, computing resources, on-site accommodation) comply to the highest standard. The datasets are fully documented and are stored in a coherent manner on a secure computation server equipped with a range of relevant statistical software. Technical and scientific support is provided by resident researchers with substantial experience in the handling and analysis of the available datasets. Resident staff and visitors alike, have used these resources for conducting both academic research and policy studies commissioned by governmental bodies.

IRISS-C/I also offers a platform to present, discuss and publish research findings. Regular seminars are organised to get feedback from resident researchers, fellow visitors and visiting professors. A web-based dedicated Working Paper series ensures timely and wide dissemination of research findings to the research community and to the general public.