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Ubiquitous networks with a secure provision of services, access, and content delivery

Type of activity
Competitive project
Funding entity
EU. IST STREP Project. 6FP, 1st call
Funding entity code
195.600,00 €
Start date
End date
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UBISEC's mission is to address new business areas and technologies originating from the integration of public wide area networks (e.g., cellular, Internet), and private corporate and home/SOHO local area networks. This integration is commonly expected to create new markets and new opportunities, hence helping European telecommunication network operators and smart card integrators to secure leadership in those markets. The new integrated networks will create new demands in terms of services and will improve quality of life for the users both in their private or professional environment.

In order to address the related issues and technology challenges, UBISEC is aiming at an advanced infrastructure for large-scale mobility and security based on SmartCard technologies for context-aware and personalised authorisation and authentication services in heterogeneous networks. This requires advanced personalisation and localisation technologies with high security in order to keep privacy and to protect computing devices, their software components, and personal user data including user profiles.

Automatic customisation is provided through situation-dependent (context-aware) secure management and access control evolving user, device, and application profiles. Automatic SmartCard-based access control and authentication is preserved by a set of advanced distributed network services which guarantee personalised content delivery through efficient pre-fetching and caching. Flexible service announcement (directory services), discovery, provisioning, and delivery support the mobile user while moving across heterogeneous networks.

Final trials, which are undertaken at- the pervasive computing environment Laboratory from Telefonica in Boecillo (Spain), - the home network laboratory from Paderborn University and SBS in Paderborn (Germany)and will demonstrate the applicability of the UBISEC solutions.