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Actes dels seminaris de recerca 1r, 2n i 3r, del Departament de Mecànica de Fluids - UPC

De Las Heras, S.A.; Carbó-Bech, A.; Moreno, H.; del Valle, LJ.; Poeata, I.; López, J.; Torres, R.; Barraco, M.; Fernandez, E.; Escaler, X.; Hutter, J.; Egusquiza, E.; Farhat, M.; Avellan, F.; Esque-de los Ojos, D.; Dalmau-Andreu, R.; Principe, J.; Roe, N.; Codina, R.; Badia, S.; M. Garcia-Vilchez; Gamez-Montero, P.J.; Codina-Macia, Esteban; Watton, J.
Type of activity
Iniciativa Digital Politècnica
Date of publication
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Legal deposit
Group of research
(MC)2 - UPC Computational continuum mechanics
ANiComp - Numerical analysis and scientific computation
CDIF - Center for Industrial Diagnostics
CRnE - Barcelona Research Center in Multiscale Science and Engineering
CS2AC-UPC - Supervision, Safety and Automatic Control
FLUIDS - Fluids Engineering
IAFARG - Industrial and Aeronautical Fluid-dynamic Applications Research Group
InSup - Surface Interaction in Bioengineering and Materials Science Research Group
LABSON - Fluid power systems laboratory
LMIT-CT - Laboratories of Mechanical Engineering Innovation and Technology
PSEP - Synthetic Polymers: Structure and Properties. Biodegradable Polymers.
SARTI - Technological Development Center for Remote Acquisition and Data Processing System
SIC - Smart Control Systems