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The detection of overlapping speech with prosodic features for speaker diarization

Zelenak, M.; Hernando, J.
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12th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association
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Interspeech 2011: conference proceedings: 27-31 August 2011: Florence, Italy: speech science and technology for real life
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Overlapping speech is responsible for a certain amount of errors produced by tandard speaker diarization systems in meeting environment. We are investigating a set of prosody-based long-term features as a potential complement to our overlap detection system relying on short-term spectral parameters. The most relevant features are selected in a two-step process. They are firstly evaluated and sorted according to mRMR criterion and then the optimal number is determined by iterative wrapper approa...
Zelenak, M.; Hernando, J. The detection of overlapping speech with prosodic features for speaker diarization. A: European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology. "Proceedings of Interspeech 2011: spoken language processing for all : 15th August 2011 : Florence, Italy". Florencia: 2011, p. 1041-1044.
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IDEAI-UPC Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
TALP - Centre de Tecnologies i Aplicacions del Llenguatge i la Parla
VEU - Grup de Tractament de la Parla