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Numerical analysis and safety evaluation of a large arch dam founded on fractured rock, using zero-thickness interface elements and a c- ø reduction method

Aliguer, I.; Carol, I.; Alonso, E.
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XI International Conference on Computational Plasticity
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Computational plasticity XI : fundamentals and applications : proceedings of the XI International Conference on Computational Plasticity held in Barcelona, Spain, 07-09 September 2011
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A 140m high arch dam in the Pyrenees, built in the 50s, is founded on fractured limestone rock. Since the beginning of the design process, two main families of discontinuities were identified, one being the bedding plane dipping 45 degrees upstream of the dam, and the second family being a set of vertical planes parallel to the river. The dam was built very close to the end of the narrow part of the valley, which raised stability concerns early on, leading to the construction of a massive reinfo...
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