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Scientific and technological production

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  • Qualitat de Vida Urbana i Sostenibilitat

     Roca, J.; Garcia-Almirall, Pilar; Burns, M.; Marmolejo, C.; Biere, R.M.; Marambio, A.; Moix, M.; Carceller, F.; Arellano, Blanca; Aguilar, A.; Coch, H.; Cuchi, A.; Isalgue, A.; Alonso, C.; Corso, J.M.; Pages-Ramon, A.; Roset, J.; Crespo, I.; Perez, I.
    Competitive project
  • Reducing CO2 : are industrialized construction systems better?

     Pages-Ramon, A.; Paris, O.; Cuchi, A.
    Portugal SB07 - sustainable Construction, Materials and Practices
    p. 1075-1082
    Presentation's date: 2007-09-13
    Presentation of work at congresses