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BBT - Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering

Total activity: 2940
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
Av. Eduard Maristany 10-14, 08019 Barcelona Open in new window
08028 Barcelona
https://biomaterials.upc.edu Open in new window
The Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Group carries out research into the development of biomaterials for the regeneration and/or functional repair of tissues and organs. There is a demand for the design of materials that are able to modulate the biological response of receiving tissues. In some cases this ability leads to the regeneration and neoformation of degraded tissue, and in others, the perfect integration of the biomaterial and the recovery of the lost function.
antibacterial material, biofunctionalisation, biomaterials, bone regeneration, calcium phosphates, implants, prostheses
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  • Altankov, George Petrov
    (until 2016-12-31)
    External to the UPC
  • Aparicio Bádenas, Conrado José
    (until 2008-08-31)
  • Barba Serrahima, Albert
    (until 2018-02-28)
  • Coelho-Sampaio, Tatiana
    (until 2016-12-31)
    External to the UPC
  • Díez Escudero, Anna
    (until 2019-02-01)
  • Fraioli, Roberta
    (until 2016-11-30)
  • Gil Mur, Francisco Javier
    (until 2016-12-31)
  • Gugutkov, Dencho
    (until 2016-12-31)
    External to the UPC
  • Guillem Marti, Jordi
    (until 2020-09-30)
  • Hamouda, Ines
    (until 2020-10-31)
  • Hoyos Nogues, Mireia
    (until 2016-12-10)
  • Khurana, Kanupriya
    (until 2019-02-01)
  • Koch, Martin Andreas
    (until 2009-01-01)
  • Lacroix, Damien Jerome
    (until 2008-12-31)
  • Maazouz, Yassine
    (until 2015-01-16)
  • Mestre Vinardell, Aleix
    (until 2011-10-02)
  • Montufar Jimenez, Edgar Benjamin
    (until 2014-11-28)
  • Ortiz Hernandez, Monica
    (until 2019-08-31)
  • Pastorino Carraz, David
    (until 2014-12-12)
  • Peña Andres, Francisco Javier
    (until 2013-08-31)
  • Sadowska, Joanna Maria
    (until 2019-03-31)
  • Sandino Velasquez, Clara Ines
    (until 2017-08-31)
  • Santos Montes, Angélica
    (until 2019-02-01)
  • Scionti, Giuseppe
    (until 2018-05-31)
  • Sevilla Sanchez, Pablo
    (until 2009-01-01)

Scientific and technological production

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