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CEPIMA - Centre d'Enginyeria de Processos i Medi Ambient

Total activity: 2408
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UPC research group
Campus Diagonal Besos - Eduard Maristany 10, 08019 Barcelona Open in new window
08019 Barcelona
http://cepima.upc.edu/?set_language=ca Open in new window
The TQG-LCMA (2001-SGR00248) research group was created in 1977. Since then, the group has carried out innovative tasks and has taken a leading role in chemical process simulation and optimisation. Today, it is considered an international centre of excellence in the field of process systems engineering (PSE) and environmental engineering (focusing on air pollution control). The new CEPIMA research group presented here is the result of the integration of the TQG-LCMA group, which will consolidate and enhance its work in the area of the "advancement in the design of the process industry and the optimum management of its resources, leading to environmental impact minimisation and an ecologically acceptable scenario".

The research activities and objectives of the CEPIMA are therefore focused on three main areas:

(a) Process integration and intensification for sustainable development, which includes the optimum design and operation of supply chains through products¿ entire life-cycles under multi-objective criteria (productivity, environmental impact, safety and resource optimisation). Various approaches (strategic, tactical and operational) and optimisation techniques (mathematical programming, stochastic methods, life-cycle analysis, etc.) are also considered. All of the above requires the development of intelligent decision support systems (DSS) for online and real-time initiatives (management, coordination, supervision, diagnosis and control). In the course of this research, new software applications are envisaged to facilitate the implementation of these methods and techniques, and the transfer of this technology to industry.

(b) Waste management and upgrading by thermal conversion processes (combustion, gasification, pyrolysis) that enable excellent environmental control. As a complement, the group studies hot gas clean-up systems that use dry sorbents, which permit the use of the resulting gas in a high-performance, combined heat and power cycle system. Special consideration is given to studies of co-gasification of residues from various sources (biomass, RSU, used tyres, water treatment waste, etc.) for the sustainable and clean production of synthesis gas or, alternatively, high-purity hydrogen for use in highly efficient fuel cells. The group designs equipment (fluidised bed reactors) and provides proprietary software support for applications on an industrial scale.

(c) Air pollution control and monitoring, including the development of new methodologies, techniques and tools for the evaluation of industrial emissions (odours, VOCs, etc.). Here, the development of new systems for the study and control of odour episodes and environmental quality is considered for urban areas, integrating meteorological and chemical analyses and modelling and social control approaches. The system envisaged enables odour sources and their contribution to episodes to be identified. Complementary, proprietary equipment design is carried out, including fully automated sampling and support software for contour map generation and the prediction of contamination sources (backscattering). 2. As indicators of the research group¿s activities, please find, in the Catalan version, a short list detailing the most relevant papers published over the last three years, international and national projects, and the agreements signed in the last five years (in that order).
Control, Energia, Enginyeria de processos, Medi Ambient, Monitorització, Optimització, Qualitat Ambiental, Sistemes Distribuïts, Smart-grids, Supply-chains
Fill in details (researchers incharge only)
  • Angelini, Raffaele
    (until 2007-03-31)
  • Arbiza, Maria Jose
    (until 2004-09-30)
  • Ardakani, Mohammad Hamed
    (until 2014-12-31)
  • Audino, Francesca
    (until 2018-05-31)
  • Badell Yturriaga, Mariana
    (until 2009-02-08)
  • Bojarski, Aaron David
    (until 2011-03-31)
  • Bonfill Teixidor, Anna
    (until 2008-11-19)
  • Capon Garcia, Elisabet
    (until 2011-03-16)
  • Ferrer Nadal, Sergio
    (until 2008-01-13)
  • Gomez Diaz, Claudia J.
    (until 2014-07-24)
  • Guillen Gosalbez, Gonzalo
    (until 2005-12-31)
  • Hjaila, Kefah
    (until 2016-06-30)
  • Kopanos, Georgios
    (until 2011-05-06)
  • Lainez Aguirre, Jose Miguel
    (until 2010-01-25)
  • Mele, Fernando D.
    (until 2005-12-31)
  • Meng Lu, Qingfeng
    (until 2004-01-31)
  • Mitta, Narendar Reddy
    (until 2006-12-31)
  • Monroy Chora, Isaac
    (until 2012-02-02)
  • Moreno Benito, Marta
    (until 2011-05-14)
  • Muñoz Mata, Edrisi
    (until 2014-07-24)
  • Musulin, Estanislao
    (until 2005-12-31)
  • Nougues Artigas, Jose Maria
    (until 2012-08-31)
  • Pérez Fortes, Maria del Mar
    (until 2011-06-20)
  • Pina Gomez, Cristina
    (until 2009-01-19)
  • Pinilla Rodriguez, Carlos Andres
    (until 2008-11-20)
  • Puigjaner Corbella, Luis (1607)
    (until 2009-02-02)
  • Ribes Cartagena, Alejandra
    (until 2005-12-31)
  • Silvente Saiz, Javier
    (until 2014-09-30)
  • Tona Vasquez, Rodolfo V.
    (until 2008-06-29)
  • Vila Molet, Joan
    (until 2010-02-10)
  • Yamal Turbay, Evelyn
    (until 2014-07-24)
  • Yélamos Ruiz, Ignacio
    (until 2008-06-09)
  • Zamarripa Pérez, Miguel Ángel
    (until 2013-07-01)

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