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Dalfo Simo, Cristina

Total activity: 2
Areas of expertise
Graph theory, spectral graph theory
Doctoral courses
Doctor UPC
Research group
COMBGRAPH - Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Applications
Department of Mathematics
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Scientific and technological production

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  • Optimization techniques in graph theory, groups, and combinatorics. Applications to networks, algorithms, and communication protocols

     Balbuena, C.; Fiol, M.; Comellas, F.; Fàbrega, J.; Zaragoza, M.; Pelayo, I. M.; Martí, J.; Marcote, F.; Caceres, J.; Dalfo, C.; López, S.C.; Tramuns, E.; Perez, S.; Muñoz, X.; Aguilo, F.; Aroca, J.; González, A.; Moreno, R.; Sau, I.; Valenzuela, J.; Abajo, E.; Llado, A.; Puertas, M. Luz; García, P.; Lozano, A.; Barriere, E.; Diánez, A.; Garijo, D.
    Competitive project
  • Combinatòria, Teoria de Grafs i Aplicacions

     Serra, O.; Aguilo, F.; Andrés, J.; Balbuena, C.; Ball, S.; Barajas, J.; Barguilla, J.; Barriere, E.; Comellas, F.; Dalfo, C.; Fàbrega, J.; Fiol, M.; Garriga, E.; Gomez, J.; Llado, A.; López, S.C.; Marcote, F.; Miralles, A.; Mitjana, M.; Moragas, J.; Montejano, A.; Muñoz, X.; Pelayo, I. M.; Perez, S.; Rius, M.; Zaragoza, M.
    Competitive project