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DCG - Discrete and Combinatorial Geometry

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UPC research group
C. Esteve Terradas, 5, Edifici C43C Open in new window
08860 Castelldefels
http://www-ma2.upc.edu/dccg/ Open in new window
The group seeks to delve into the study of a wide range of combinatorial and structural problems on point sets, such as Erdos-Szekeres type problems, problems of classical Euclidean geometry, problems in the spirit of Carathéodory’s theorem, problems on crossing numbers, or enumerative problems for geometric graphs of point sets. We also aim to obtain new insights into structural and geometric aspects of graphs/networks. We study combinatorial properties of graphs whose transposition to geometric graphs is of great interest: domination, location, covering, colorings,... This relationship between properties of combinatorial graphs and those of geometric graphs and point sets is also evident in the crucial fact that on the one hand, the study of combinatorial properties of graphs is eased by the study of their embeddings in the plane and, conversely, the study of sets of points –in the plane and in higher dimension– is eased by studying the graphs they determine.
combinatorial geometry, discrete geometry, graph theory
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